Spirit Touched

She must stop a serial killer before he can strike again.

When Hayden Davis inadvertently leaves her body, things spiral downward fast. Turns out, she’s a wildly, out-of-control Spirit Walker thrust into a world she knows nothing about.

Things worsen when she witnesses the murder of a local college girl without getting a clear picture of the killer. Now her erratic gift is attracting the attention of the one person that could take everything away from her. The psychopath needs to cut all loose ends to cover up his identity, and Hayden is the one obstacle that still stands in his way.

In order to save more innocent lives from the killer’s clutches, she must accept her gift and face her greatest fear, even if it means sacrificing herself.

Fans of The Gifted, The Soul Summoner Series, or The Mortal Instrument Series will fall in love with Spirit Touched, the first book in the Spirit Walker Trilogy.